High visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) has been used in the work environment for over 50 years and it took a huge leap forward in the 1960s with the introduction of “day glow” materials. However, by mixing multiple fluorescent colours together, the only advantage was high visibility.

Now Claw Boots has launched the Come n Go directional signalling device, combining high visibility with directional awareness.

By adopting this new directional signalling system – where acid/green = come (facing) and orange/red = go (unsighted/turned away) – not only are workers more visible, but it is immediately apparent that if the acid/green is showing the person may be able to see you. In sharp contrast, the person wearing orange/red is unsighted and you need to be more careful.

“This simple Come n Go system is about to do for safety, what traffic lights did for the flow of road traffic and safety in general,” says Grant Fraser, CEO Claw Boots International.

In addition to the advantage of directional awareness, Come n Go is claimed to also enhance:

  • Security: highly visible people are easy to spot in unauthorised or “no go” areas. Accidents are also minimised and people are more cautious and aware.
  • Productivity: hand in hand with directional high visibility comes increased productivity, as all players are very aware of every movement or lack of movement thereof.
  • Departmental supervision: by giving departments differing peripheral coloured Come n Go garments, one can see at a glance who is in the correct department and who is wondering around in other departments.
  • Savings: by adopting Come n Go the employer need not buy both a uniform and a high-visibility vest.

“Come n Go is especially suited to the mining environments where any light source reflects off the strategically placed reflective tape and shows off the colour of the garment, indicating which direction the person is facing,” comment Fraser.

The Come n Go range is manufactured locally to high quality specifications, including 65/35-D59 and moisture management fabric. It is suitable in all weather conditions and working environments.

User-friendly features can be added as desired, some of which include utility pockets, “triple triple” stitched garments, seven loops on trousers, cellphone pockets and pen pockets.

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