Occupational accidents or work-related diseases are responsible for 2,78 million deaths around the world annually, according to the International Labour Organization. A further 374 million workers suffer from non-fatal occupational accidents across the globe every year.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of health and safety, but now to everyone, not only those working in high-risk areas. With this in mind, the team at Amber (a health and safety technology platform) has refocused their creative studio.

They have designed simple-to-use, high-quality creative Covid-19 resources to enable safety professionals to communicate easily and effectively. “We needed to adapt our content strategy and took the opportunity to help simplify the complexity of Covid-19 control measures,” says creative director Lindy Scott.

“The response to the creative resources has been overwhelming and we are grateful to each ‘thank you’ email, suggestion, share, and download. Behind the scenes, the Amber journey began in early 2019, but the Covid-19 pandemic pushed us to innovate around the technical build and release content immediately.”

The Amber mission is to empower safety professionals to use creativity to save lives. The platform is being created by a team of artists, strategists and engineers. Amber is a tool tailor-made for those looking to entrench safety practices as part of their company’s business culture.

The platform, which is currently in development, inspires professionals to try new ideas by showcasing new ways of thinking. It is not focused on training safety professionals; rather it aims to give experts the tools to transform safety from a simple tick-box exercise to something creative, essential and relevant. The designs and resources are inspired by Africa and have received positive feedback from workers and safety professionals across the continent and beyond.

Early adopters will enjoy first access to the full features of the platform when it’s launched later in 2020. Users can access a range of tools that can be used to create holistic campaigns and motivate employees to work together to ensure safer work environments. The first releases will include Covid-19, mental health and HIV awareness resources.

The next round of free Amber originals will include personal protective equipment, working at height and fatigue. To download the resources, which include posters, workshops and toolbox talks, visit www.ambersafety.info.

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