According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), 38 percent of European enterprises report the presence of potentially dangerous chemical or biological goods in their workplaces.

Exposure to these can lead to both acute and long-term diseases and injuries, including respiratory and skin diseases, organ failure, occupational cancers, poisoning and suffocation.

To decrease the risk of exposure, Brady proposes a number of reliable and highly visible safety identification solutions. These include:

  • GHS/CLP labels: easily communicate risks associated with dangerous substances to avoid accidents and increase compliance with EU legislation.
  • Pipe markers: identify what flows through plant pipes to inform co-workers and avoid risky behaviour.
  • Safety signs: a simple safety sign can prevent costly workplace accidents if it is clearly visible, draws attention and is easy to understand.
  • Services: on-site visit or audits create the opportunity to easily select the types of solutions that fit an individual company’s needs.

Brady offers a number of solutions to help manage dangerous goods, including transport signs, visual tagging, floor marking, spill control and lockout/tagout. Click here for more information.

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