The cyberthreat landscape is terrifying for businesses of all sizes. According to the World Economic Forum, risks are increasing exponentially, while the rate of detection and prosecution is frighteningly low at under 1%.

Organisations, especially small businesses, already suffer the greatest threat to their ongoing viability in the form of these cyberthreats. They therefore require an automated solution to stand any chance of overcoming this critical business risk. These factors have been a crucial driver for the development team at cybersecurity firm AaDya, which strives to make security accessible and affordable through partners like SLVA Cybersecurity.

Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA Cybersecurity, explains that even though AaDya solutions are aimed at small to medium businesses (SMBs), its offerings are changing the entire cybersecurity environment, from the way that security solutions are deployed and managed to how they are billed.

“AaDya solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) through a virtual assistant, Judy, placing the power of cybersecurity and digital threat detection directly into the hands of business owners,” Evans says.

AaDya provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions in a single, predictable, easy-to-manage solution. Customers pay per seat rather than per incident, and the monthly cost per seat is comparable with the cost of end-point protection-only solutions. “Yet AdDya provides so much more,” he notes. “Judy, the digital assistant, works behind the scenes across the organisation’s infrastructure, proactively securing, monitoring, detecting, and remediating any threats using its advanced AI and ML capabilities.”

Small businesses tend to take on multiple tasks, sometimes leaving gaps and exposing themselves to business risks. AaDya’s Judy assumes the role of chief information security officer (CISO), providing those who manage the infrastructure with one of the best, most affordable, and most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, which can also scale up or down according to the needs of the operation.

The true benefit to SMBs is in the solution’s billing predictability. A single monthly fee covers a user with unlimited devices on a pay-per-user model; no minimum number of users is required. “For a business, this provides peace of mind and financial predictability; they scale up as required, or scale down if needed, with no surprise costs if incidents are detected and automatically remediated,” explains Evans.

“SMBs have been the most vulnerable to attack and sadly also stand the least chance of surviving an attack,” he adds. “The complexity of addressing the challenges also hamstrings SMBs. Now, with Judy, SMBs have the greatest chance to overcome the challenges that are becoming present in their daily reality.”

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