Keeping an eye on all the changes to the various compliance standards and regulations can be a challenge. Sabinet promoted its Sabinet Legal Register, in partnership with Cape Town-based Libryo, at the A-OSH Expo.

The Sabinet Legal Register is an easy-to-use platform aimed at supporting occupational health and safety (OHS), risk or compliance managers, as well as in-house legal teams to be compliant with legislation.

The platform offers OHS managers a site-specific legal register of all the sections of legislation with which they need to comply, as well as with information on how to comply. A live chat function is available to support managers when using the platform.

Clients can also customise the laws on which they wish to focus in the Register, such as the OHS, environment or food health and safety laws. It takes as little as five days for newly passed laws to reflect on the Register.

The platform was specifically designed with the compliance specialist in mind. It features an intuitive search function. For example, if a manager searches the word “ladder”, all the legislation surrounding working at height will appear, despite the word ladder never appearing in legislation.

Clients pay a once-off installation fee for setting up the Sabinet Legal Register, along with an annual maintenance fee for keeping the register up to date.

“Staying updated on the legal compliance requirements can be quite an intense job and not everyone can keep their head above water. We take away that stress and offer clients a tool that focuses on national and provincial legislation as well as municipal bylaws. We believe that a company can only be truly compliant when all the levels of compliance are taken into account,” said Lynn Midlane, product manager at Sabinet.

Sabinet has been attending A-OSH Expo for the last three years. “The reason we come back each year is for the numerous successful leads we make from the expo. The presentation and layout are definitely getting better each year,” stated Midlane.

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