The Brady Inspection Timer – a new LED tag that counts down to maintenance

The innovative Brady Inspection Timer can help to save lives by clearly showing when maintenance is needed on machines, equipment and tools. From a distance, the device’s LED lights grab the attention of users and maintenance professionals alike and help to prevent use of uninspected or worn-out equipment.

The Brady Inspection Timer clearly highlights when the next planned maintenance intervention is due. Versions are available that count down seven days, 30 days and 365 days. Each version is equipped with a dark green, light green, yellow and flashing red LED light that indicates the equipment’s status – from recently inspected to uncertain.

Easy and practical

The Brady Inspection Timer can be applied directly to almost any machine, equipment or tool with adhesive, velcro, a screw, magnet or zip ties. At the end of its predetermined inspection-time interval, the tag can be reset purposefully until its one-year plus battery life is spent. A battery-status indicator constantly shows how much power is left.

Save lives

Unlike other solutions, the Brady Inspection Timer’s coloured LED lights can be seen from a distance and actively draw attention from users and passers-by. Machines, equipment and tools with the Brady Inspection Timer are easy to spot and are not likely to exceed maintenance intervals determined by laws, regulations or company policies. This allows the Brady Inspection Timer to optimally support maintenance interventions that save lives.

Watch the video to see how the Brady Inspection Timer works!

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