The variety of machinery and pipes in need of regular maintenance requires beverage companies to have several specialised teams of employees and contractors, who need to be equipped with the proper tools to safely service machinery. Read how to make safer and more efficient machine interventions!

A large brewery with several sites needs a solution to neutralise machinery and to secure energy sources and pipe valves in the “off” position for increased safety during maintenance. The customer requires the solution to be implemented at all sites for a large number of teams, including specialised employees and contractors.

Brady proposes a complete Lockout/Tagout solution leading with unique and innovative SafeKey padlocks that offer up to 700 percent more lock and key combinations than traditional safety padlocks.

SafeKey padlocks feature a unique and innovative locking mechanism that offers 100 000+ key and lock combinations. With SafeKey, larger sets of unique key and lock combinations are possible, with master keys for more team leaders and one grandmaster key to open them all for the company’s safety manager.

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When specialised teams are performing a machine intervention, team members are now in control of their own safety. They can apply a specific lockout device and lock it in place with their personal padlock to secure an energy source or keep a pipe closed.

They can also add their padlock to an ongoing lockout if another team is already active in the area, knowing only they, their manager, or the company’s safety manager can remove their lock and reopen any pipe or reactivate any machine.

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