In its quest to be a preferred operational risk-management consulting group, IRCA Global is on the move. With its new partners – Hofincons Group – and its global structures, it will be offering even more world-class products and services.

In the past, IRCA Global specialised only in safety, health, environment, quality and technical risk assessment (SHERQ) services. Originally established in 1993, the company has assisted hundreds of organisations to reduce exposure to operational risks.

Justin Nash, MD of IRCA Global Sub-Saharan Africa, says: “We assist, assess and advise organisations on how to manage operational risk in a cost-effective and practical manner through integrated management systems and innovative products and services. In this way, we help to enhance sustainable business performance.”

He adds: “We want to continue to be recognised as a world-class operational risk-management consultancy group.”

IRCA Global is now expanding by offering additional products to reach more clients in various countries.

Justin Nash, MD of Irca Global Sub-Saharan Africa (left) and Douglas Ramaphosa, chairman of IRCA Global Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nash explains: “We will continue to specialise in the areas that we have been covering, and, in addition, we will now offer asset and energy-management solutions. This is supported by our new partnership with the Hofincons Group, which delivers specialised services in a wide range of industries, for example, oil and gas, petrochemicals, steel and allied industries and utilities such as energy and water.

“The new partnership will give IRCA access to new countries and clients where Hofincons is already present. IRCA Global has also added new consultancy services on international ISO standards, which include areas of operational and process safety, food and fire safety.”

Following the acquisition in April 2017, the newly launched partnership is now called Hofincons IRCA Group with the head office based in Dubai. All the IRCA operating entities globally will still be trading as IRCA Global.

The company has also extended its training offering and now provides e-learning and distance learning.


Thomas van Niekerk, sales manager at IRCA Global, says: “As IRCA is expanding and is no longer confined to operating in the areas of SHERQ. We are changing the company’s logo to one which is aligned with Hofincons Group, our new partners.

“It is a fresh new look, which shows that IRCA aims to remain the market leader in operational risk management, and that we want to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology.”

Nash emphasises: “In achieving this, we want to make sure that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality and service.”


Douglas Ramaphosa has been appointed chairman of the board of IRCA Global Sub-Saharan Africa. “He had been involved in IRCA previously and therefore has a good understanding of the business,” Nash adds. “He is in a vital role at IRCA. The guidance and leadership he provides will be of the upmost importance to the company.”

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Modern SHEQ/RISK management (MSRMTM), IRCONTM

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