Professionals often face ethical dilemmas while carrying out their duties. Saiosh is governed by a constitution, a code of conduct and by disciplinary procedures

The Saiosh Code of Conduct specifies conditions with which members must comply when carrying out their professional activities. Among these are that members of the Institute shall:

• Owe a primary loyalty to the workforce, the community they serve and the environment they affect.

• Perform according to the highest standards and ethical principles while maintaining respect for human dignity.

• Seek to ensure professional independence in the execution of their functions.

• Abide by the legal requirements relating to their practice.

• Be honest, objective and reliable when called on to give an opinion in their professional capacity.

• Take all reasonable steps to obtain, maintain and develop their professional competence and encourage others working under their supervision to do so.

• Acknowledge any limitations in their own competence, and not undertake any activities for which they are not appropriately prepared, or, where applicable, qualified.

• Accept professional responsibility for all their work and take all reasonable steps to ensure that persons working under their authority are competent to carry out the tasks assigned to them; are treated with fairness and equal opportunity; and accept responsibility for work done under the authority delegated by them.

• Take reasonable steps to ensure that persons overruling or neglecting their professional advice are formally made aware of potential adverse consequences which may result.

• Have regard to the reputation and good standing of the Institute, other members, and professional practice and standards, and not directly or indirectly bring them into disrepute.

• Provide the Institute with information that is reasonably required by it in order to discipline and regulate the professional conduct of its members.

• Not directly or indirectly, recklessly or maliciously injure, or attempt to injure, the professional reputation, prospects or business of another.

• Not behave in a way which may be considered inappropriate to other members or staff of the Institute.

• Not improperly use their membership or position for commercial or personal gain, or attempt to use qualifications, titles and/or designations to which they are not entitled.

• Seek to avoid their professional judgement being influenced by any conflict of interest and shall inform their employer, client, or the Institution of any conflict between the member’s personal interest and service to the relevant party.

• Not improperly disclose any information that may reasonably be considered to be prejudicial to the business of any present or past employer, client or the Institution.

• Ensure that information they hold, which is necessary to safeguard the health and safety of those persons for whom they have a legal and moral responsibility, is made available as required.

• When holding or handling any privileged information relating to living individuals, ensure that they comply with the principles and notification requirements set out in the legislation for the jurisdiction in which they undertake their duties.

• Maintain financial propriety in all their professional dealings with employers and clients. Professional indemnity insurance is optional and at the sole discretion of the individual. No claims whatsoever can be made against Saiosh.

• Not unfairly discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, religion or belief, disability, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, nationality and ethnic or national origins.

• Act within the law and notify the Institute if they are convicted of any criminal offence. A relevant conviction may lead to disciplinary proceedings against that member.

• Members must comply with the Institution’s constitution. Failure to uphold the constitution may result in immediate suspension from membership.

The Saiosh Council thanks members for adhering to the Code of Conduct. Documents that contain the full details can be viewed or downloaded by visiting

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