Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation is offering free-to-download signs to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

To maximise global recognition, all the signs on offer are compliant with the international standard ISO 7010. Each sign also includes an icon for quick reference for almost any Covid-19 safety measure, ranging from washing your hands and keeping a safe distance to wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment.

Quickly indicate facility changes

With the full impact and duration of the Covid-19 viral spread still unclear in many countries and regions, safety measures in – or even access to – facilities may need to change quickly. To help identify evolving safety measures, in specific facility areas, Brady has grouped relevant safety sets into four groups. These include:

• Informing visitors in the reception area;

• Reminding people how best to disinfect hands;

• Reminding employees to wear the proper personal protection equipment; and

• Communicating general safety precautions (like keeping a safe distance and avoiding shaking hands).

Print on any office printer

Brady’s safety and identification signs are usually only available on tough, industrial-grade materials that require a specialised thermal-transfer label printer. However, to make the safety signs quickly available to any facility, they have now been organised into a full colour format that is easy to print on most office printers. Once printed on paper, sets of signs can be applied, with tape, on doors or smooth walls where needed to clearly communicate temporary safety measures.

Download the free signs and browse Brady’s Covid-19 brochures here.

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