Specialist transport solutions provider Cargo Carriers is implementing some precautions to protect its employees and customers alike during the COVID-19 pandemic

For its employees, both staff and drivers, the following plans are underway:
• Restricted contact with other people through the elimination of avoidable travel and the cancellation of face-to-face meetings (these are replaced with electronic media where applicable);
• Change of greetings to non-contact greetings;
• More hygienic testing for alcohol use;
• All drivers and staff to be issued with hand sanitisers;
• All vehicle cabs to be sanitised at every driver change;
• Drivers will be issued with gloves and masks.

For its customers, the company is developing a plan to facilitate:
• Continued provision of administration services (even when office staff work from home);
• Continued logistics services (including transportation when employees are infected and/or affected);
• Dealing with border closures and travel bans where applicable;
• Continued supply of input products, materials and services.

“We realise that this is a major threat to both our employees and customers and will do our best within our capability and resources to minimise the impact on all businesses involved,” says Solly Letsoalo, chief executive officer of Cargo Carriers.

Cargo Carriers will continue operations while taking the necessary measures to ensure health and safety for its employees and business partners. “We welcome all inputs from business partners that can help to minimize and prevent negative impacts on our businesses,” he says.

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