As part of its duty of care Travel Smart solution, Chubb has announced the launch of an innovative app for business travellers. Designed to help employees of companies to manage and mitigate risks associated with work-related travel, the app facilitates a range of services that encompass direct access to medical and security assistance, as well as live, location-based alerts to help them avoid trouble and stay safe.

Chubb spokesman, Luke Powis, says that for risk managers and human resource teams the app incorporates an online dashboard that provides instant summaries of the whereabouts of travelling employees, including their exact locations and whether they are in any high-risk areas.

Country-specific advice is integrated, too, embracing visa and passport requirements, recommended vaccinations and cultural dos and don’ts.

The app also allows travellers to receive messages from their employers by email or SMS directly to their smartphones – which Powis describes as particularly handy during a crisis situation, where fast and reliable communication is essential.

“Effective travel management is a critical factor in any company’s ability to exercise the utmost duty of care in providing and maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of travelling employees.

“A recent study shows that 87 percent of travellers have travel safety concerns, with crime, health and terrorism perceived as the greatest threats. We have developed this tool to help clients proactively mitigate travel risks, and move away from simply being an insurer that pays the claims,” concludes Powis.

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